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Virtual reality porn services and experiences run the gamut from adequate, to good, to absolutely incredible… and some can be disappointing. Most of the time, though, virtual porn pays off on the promise of virtual reality porn that looks and sometimes feels like virtual sex. The first time you strap on a virtual reality headset to watch a VR porn video, you’ll be amazed by what you see. You’ll swear that you are actually standing or kneeling or lying down in the setting of the porno. The virtual sex you’re about to experience will seem only too real when you find yourself looking at a life-sized porn star who is smiling at you, inviting you to be with her, talking sexy to you, and showing all the signs of a woman who knows she’s about to get it… and get it good. Of course, it might not be a woman. Depending on what you like, your virtual sex experience could be with a man, with a woman, or with plenty of either (or both).That’s the beauty of the VR porn experience: The experience itself is limited only by the imagination of the user and by the producers of the virtual reality porn experienced. There is as much virtual sex out there as there are scenarios that the producers are willing to produce and provide.

Imagine being instantly transported into a virtual world where you’re suddenly in a hotel room with a gorgeous porn star… or more than one. You can look at her. You can look up and down and see your “body,” which is instantly that of an equally attractive porn star. You can hear everything with crystal clear… uh, clarity. And you can listen as that porn star talks to you, gets close to you, talks dirty to you, puts his or her body near yours, and starts to seduce you. You watch as “your” hands reach out and start to explore. You are completely immersed in the experience of virtual porn. This is what virtual reality porn can do for you. It’s absolutely spectacular. It’s like no erotic entertainment you have experienced previously. Now you are the one at the center of the action. Your whole life, you’ve seen porn and thought, “I wish I was there in that room, with those stars. I wish it was me touching and having sex with them. I wish I could experience that.” Well, now you can. Now it IS you in that room with those stars. Now you get to be the one at the center of the action. This is the beautiful gift of VR porn, and the benefits of virtual porn do not stop with just the immersive experience or the great sound. No, the real benefit of virtual reality porn is the escape it provides. What better way to forget about everything else and simply enjoy some pleasure for a while, than to escape into a virtual reality porn environment where everything seems so real?

We think you’ll find, even during your first VR porn experience, that the experience is nothing short of magical. The more the porn stars get up close to you and show you what they’ve got, the more you are thrust into the center of the action, the more virtual reality porn will become the experience you crave. Two-dimensional, non-immersive, and traditional pornography simply will not appeal to you anymore. That’s the risk you take when you cross the line from traditional porn to VR porn. You’re striding proudly across a barrier that simply holds no more thrills for you when you look back. That’s because the new frontier of virtual reality porn, the virtual sex it offers, will make everything you have experienced up to this point look like something from a hundred years ago. If you’re middle aged, you probably still remember a time when adult entertainment meant “dirty books” and “skin magazines.” Fast forward a decade or two, depending on your age, and the VCR revolution brought porn out of adult movie houses and into everybody’s living room… well, at least everybody who wanted it there. This was a revolution of technology. No longer did people who wished to enjoy erotic entertainment have to creep around to unsavory theaters occupied by perverts and weirdoes. These were not nice places and they did not enjoy the air of respectability… not in even a little bit. Remember when a certain famous television star known for his kid’s programming was arrested for exposing himself in an adult movie theater? Well, the days of being forced to go out of your home and into an adult movie house or video arcade ended when the VCR took the nation by storm.

How the Virtual Reality Porn Genre Developed

We were still a long way away from the first virtual reality porn when the Internet first came along. Those early days, some of the first images anyone ever transferred were pictures of nude or semi-nude women. You could say that pornography helped to drive the technology that became the Internet, and adult entertainment, on newsgroups and then in picture transfers, was some of the earliest content online. When the Internet as we know it began to take shape, modem speeds were still slow enough that downloading high-quality images of sexy ladies (and men, if that’s your thing) was a painstakingly slow process. It took forever to download still images back in the days of fourteen hundred and some-odd baud, and downloading video was all but out of the question unless you were willing to accept some truly awful low quality. Hope was on the horizon, though. As Internet speeds continued to improve, computers continued to get faster, and it got easier and easier to transfer files, enjoying erotic entertainment on the Internet was becoming possible. Was it VR porn? No, it wasn’t even close, but it was a step in the right direction. Internet porn was well on its way to becoming the virtual reality porn of today. Virtual sex was still a ways away, but there were people dreaming of the day when their technology could more closely simulate sexual activity. That day was still a ways off, but virtual sex and VR porn were coming. We have the continued march of technology, always moving forward, innovating, and developing, to thank for the next steps.

VCRs and videotape were not really a good platform for interactive porn, despite the fact that videotape paved the way for home entertainment and enjoying erotic movies at home. There was no easy way to move from segment to segment and thus no way to simulate interactivity in a single tape. More elaborate methods were contemplated, but ultimately, the development of virtual reality porn was going to have to wait until an even newer format for home entertainment media came along. That new format struggled to find footing. Laser disc never really caught on, because the discs were the size of record albums, and cost and quality were also possible issues. Quality, though, was never the deciding factor. Arguably, early Betamax video was of higher quality than VHS, but VHS won out over Betamax because of its superior marketing and availability. When pornography, when adult entertainment that is, started moving over to the VHS format, that sealed the deal, and when DVD video came along, it fell once again to erotic entertainment to decide the next format. DVDs took the market by storm, of course, just as CDs represented a superior product to audio cassette tapes. The advantage of CDs and DVDs is, of course, that you can instantly go to any track on the recording, you don’t have to worry about magnets, and there’s no messy tape to get tangled up or stop working properly, which was always the biggest problem with cassette tapes and VHS tapes. Yes, CDs and DVDs could be scratched, but it was possible to repair them, either with a crude home unit or with a video-store style DVD resurfacer that took scratches out of the media. DVD porn allowed users to skip to any track they wanted without a lot of slow fast-forwarding and rewinding. The picture quality was much clearer, the sound was better, and DVDs didn’t suffer from any of the quality issues associated with well-used videotapes.

The other thing that DVDs made possible was the closest thing, at the time, to virtual reality porn. It’s probably not fair to call it VR porn, but it was definitely a forerunner to virtual porn. Companies manufactured interactive DVDs that allowed you to choose from among several options. You could choose different points of view, different sex positions, and different acts to enjoy. For the most part you were basically just choosing from among a set number of tracks that the DVD would then skip to based on the options you chose, so it wasn’t really virtual porn, but it was the closest thing to virtual reality porn that was available at the time, and the interactivity was really a big step for the erotic entertainment industry. Arguably, it gave rise to the entire Point of View (POV) porn genre, which itself has paved the way for virtual reality porn. After all, if virtual porn is erotic entertainment in which the viewer is thrust into the center of the action, then POV action is absolutely necessary for virtual porn to be effective. The adult entertainment has to be filmed from the perspective of the viewer so that he can more easily become part of the experience.

Today, we’re witnessing before our very eyes a shift in the way that people watch home entertainment, including erotic entertainment. Right now, DVD sections are shrinking in stores across the United States. The video rental store is also going the way of other extinct animals (there are entire galleries online devoted to defunct Blockbuster Video locations). What is replacing even high-definition video (after Blu-Ray beat HDDVD for the format of choice among consumers) is streaming video. New streaming services are being introduced all the time. That streaming porn is the most likely platform for VR porn to be adopted by today’s consumers of erotic entertainment. And with that streaming entertainment will come the development of both hardware and software platforms that will finally bring the virtual sex experience to those consumers of erotic entertainment that are eager to have it.

Virtual Reality Porn Is The Future of Erotic Entertainment

When you first experience virtual reality porn, you’ll quickly find yourself growing flush-faced and… stimulated… as you find yourself in the middle of all that hot, steamy virtual sex. The more people who join in, the more real it will seem to you. Some people who’ve used early VR porn rigs report that they were almost overwhelmed by the experience. As virtual porn becomes more and more common, you’ll have the chance to see this for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how quickly VR porn draws you in and makes you believe, even though you’re only just seeing what is happening, that it’s real. Have you ever watched a video of a roller coaster from the first person and found yourself leaning back and forth, swaying with curves that you are only seeing, not feeling? Virtual porn is a lot like that. You’ll start out thinking, “Okay, I’m not really there, but this sure does look real,” and you’ll soon find yourself drawn into the virtual reality porn deeper and deeper, until you’d swear you can feel it.

Right now, virtual reality porn has some limitations, but remember, the technology is only just getting started. For example, you may find that the format is a little limiting because the video’s field of vision is only one hundred eighty degrees. Unlike some other virtual reality technology and entertainments, there may not be a 360 degree field of view, but then, do you really need to look at the closed door of a hotel room? If you turn your head out of the field of view of a setup like that, you’ll find you’re not looking at anything, and while it may be your natural impulse to look around (especially given the incredible sensory experience you are enjoying) you may be taken slightly out of the experience of the virtual porn when your field of vision butts up against that hard limit. Everything about VR porn is about creating the experience, the illusion, of really being there, so anything that takes you out of the narrative is something that disrupts the experience. But if you are aware of these limitations when you head into your virtual reality session, you’ll be better able to deal with what’s coming your way and compensate for any small limitations like that. Sooner or later, you’re going to stop seeing those boundaries. You’re going to adapt and become accustomed to the format of the virtual reality porn you are experiencing. It’s going to be incredible and you’ll be absolutely amazed by how real it seems.

In VR porn, therefore, it won’t be uncommon to have some limitations on the field of view. But that only makes good sense. Virtual sex is a much more focused activity than some other VR pursuits. You’re not pretending to engage in a sport or engaging in a first person shooter, where they could be enemies all around you. And you’re generally not traveling from one location to another, so freedom of movement is not a big issue. Sex is a very single-location experience, after all. It happens on a bed or in some other format where you are directly focused on the action and not going very far from where it all takes place. Ranging from a bed to a couch to maybe a floor or a hot tub is about as much freedom of motion as you’ll need for a virtual sex experience. The beauty of virtual reality porn, though, is that as the technology becomes more common and comes down in price, as the virtual reality headgear and other sensor equipment become smaller and lighter, than the VR porn experience, and the virtual sex that comes with it, will become increasingly realistic. Right now, many people find the virtual reality porn headset kind of distracting in and of itself. This is understandable because the headsets are still rather large and bulky, owing to the level of technology available to us right now. That’s going to change, and if history is any guide it’s going to change faster than any of us actually can anticipate. Technology has a way of moving faster than we can imagine, and doing so in large leaps whenever an innovation comes along. A few decades ago, most of us could not have conceived of something like the Internet. Now it is a major part of our entertainment and information infrastructure. We could no more get along without the Internet as a modern society than we could get along without electricity. So what is the next big thing? What technology will we soon take absolutely for granted, and what will demand as consumers of erotic entertainment? The answer can only be virtual reality porn. It’s the only answer that makes sense… and it’s something we are all getting closer and closer to demanding as the technology involved is improved to the point that it’s almost a foregone conclusion.

Now, virtual reality porn is so real that when one of the stars in the entertainment gets close to you to touch you or kiss you, you might find yourself responding and expecting that touch. There are a number of sensory experiences that you won’t get as part of the virtual reality experience, of course. There’s no way to smell what’s happening in the room, and for some of us, the aroma of sex is very much part of the experience. There are no vibrations or other sensory cues, only the visual. But you get something like seventy to eighty percent of your sensory input visually. Our brains are remarkable things. When data is missing to create a complete picture, our brains gladly fill in the missing parts. That’s why when you are experiencing a VR porn video, your brain will fill in those parts of the sensory experience so that you feel as if you are truly there. You react as if you are there, moving forward or back, anticipating the touch and caress of the partners in the video. To say that the experience is immersive would be something of a misnomer. It is more than immersive. You will feel as if you really are having sex, giving or receiving pleasure, with porn stars who are so real they are in the room with you (and the room is there, one that you are not actually in, but that illusion too is part of the effect).

Some users report that the first they use virtual reality technology, the experience is almost unsettling “too” real, and they may find there is an adjustment period from the two-dimensional porn they’ve been observing all their lives to making the adjustment to virtual reality porn. VR porn makes virtual sex as close as your headset and the technology delivering the amazing experience you want. There are some limitations right now, as the technology is in its infancy. For example, most of the virtual reality porn available right now has just limited libraries available. Imagine when you first brought a DVD player home, or if you are old enough to remember, when you first brought a VCR home. You had a few tapes or DVDs to start, but you didn’t have that many. Operating off a limited library is normal for a technology or a medium that is relatively new. And the companies manufacturing this incredible entertainment find themselves at a bit of a crossroads right now. They have to manufacture more VR porn to create more demand for virtual reality porn, but there has to be enough perceivable demand for VR porn to justify the investment and expense that is producing a more extensive library of virtual reality porn to meet that coming demand. It’s one of those chicken and egg problems that will eventually sort itself out as the cost for this technology comes down and the demand for VR porn rises in response to new offerings. It’s going to take some innovating, and some risk, on the part of those producing erotic entertainment. But that will come in time.

The concept of POV porn is being expanded into the concept of POV entertainment in general. First person shooters are hardly VR porn, but they represent the same sort of concept. Imagine porn that is generated electronically with enough realism to seem totally real. That would allow the intelligence algorithms of computer programs to generate more scenarios for a VR porn environment than can be generated by recording video of real people alone. After all, when real people are involved in the virtual porn production process, there are only those options available that have been filmed, a kind of “choose your own adventure” approach to interactivity. And of course there is no guarantee, explicit or implied, of any interactivity at all when it comes to VR porn, which might actually represent a step backwards compared to DVD interactive porn or even some streaming interactivity with click options for scenarios, points of view, and sexual acts. Yet, sometimes you have to take a step back in order to take a step forward. Don’t worry, we’re not done yet. If it does become the case that computer graphics — CGI — become so good that the realism can turn on a human being and make them feel they’re really seeing actual people, then it’s just a few short steps away to a form of computer intelligence governed virtual porn that has conceivably as many interactivity options as the user has imagination and ideas. In other words, in just a few short years, it may be possible not only to see what you would see if you were in the virtual reality porn, but also to have an unlimited number of options available to you in terms of how you experience that porn. It would turn virtual porn into a kind of free-format “open world” experience not unlike many video games, which allow players to explore as they will and to interact with characters available in whatever manner they choose.

We’re seeing the first tentative steps out of the first person shooter video game and into the world of mainstream movies, too. Movies like “Hardcore Henry” show that it’s possible to film an entire scripted movie from the first person. Unfortunately, there were a lot of complaints, when that movie debuted, of people feeling motion sickness when they watched it. This is an unavoidable side effect of virtual reality, whether we’re talking about virtual porn or some other form of entertainment that involves an immersive environment. Your body wants to respond to motion cues, but when those cues aren’t paired up to the physiological feedback of actual physical movement, sometimes the brain gets confused and you get to feeling a little queasy. The good news is that this is not usually a big problem because, unless you like virtual porn of people having sex on roller coasters or on sailing boats in the open ocean, the movement you’re going to perceive in a virtual porn movie is limited to the physical bodies of the actors doing things to each other. That’s a fairly manageable visual frame and, quite honestly, for much of the VR porn experience you’re really focused on a very limited amount of the picture. So the amount of movement and motion sickness you might experience is fairly limited.

The thing about VR porn is that it is so good, so realistic, that it’s unlikely anyone who experiences it is going to be able to go back to the old fashioned two-dimensional type of porn. Erotic entertainment is very important to a lot of people and they take the quality of that experience very seriously. Early on, in the old days of downloading adult entertainment (before VR porn, in other words), we were willing to accept a lower level of quality. Studies of how people consume streaming video for entertainment in general showed early on that people watching videos over their computer didn’t expect crystal clear, DVD quality video. They wanted convenience and they wanted a level of quality that did not interfere with their experience, but they didn’t expect a great deal, and the farther back you go, the lower those expectations go. Have you ever stumbled across downloaded videos from an number of years ago, before the current streaming age became what it is? You might have been shocked by how relatively low-resolution the videos were, and how small in actual dimensions they were when played on your screen. The thing is, though, that as streaming video has gotten better, compression techniques have improved, bandwidth has become more generous, and the streaming model has supplanted the old models of video consumption, our expectations for these things have risen with them. We now expect our level of streaming video entertainment to be of higher quality. Is it not perfectly reasonable, then, to expect that when we are exposed to the brilliantly immersive nature of VR porn, we’ll have a hard time going back to the old two dimensional way of consuming porn and erotic entertainment?

The Complex, Developing Landscape of VR Porn

If you buy a VR headset such as the Oculus rift, there are some things you’re going to need to acknowledge when you start using it. First, yes, you’re going to have to adjust to the possibility of experiencing some motion sickness. That’s not a joke; it’s a reality of making the adjustment to this type of interactive entertainment. But there is no question that when you acquire VR technology for other forms of entertainment, you’re going to want to watch VR porn, and once you try it, you’re not going to be able to go back to watching porn in what we’ll now consider the old-fashioned way. That begs a certain assumption, and that is that when you acquire VR technology, you will of course acquire some form of headset technology. There can be no VR porn without a headset that allows you to experience the immersive VR format. Right now, the top of the line is represented more or less by the Oculus Rift, and the lower end of the scale is represented by Google Cardboard and other low-end alternatives. Obviously, with VR porn, this is a format where the quality of your video device really makes a difference. The better your video quality, the more realistic your VR porn experience is going to seem. If you really want to be carried away to a whole new world, you’ve got to be willing to invest some money to do it. Now, this is going to change. As with any technology, the longer society exists with that technology, the more we take it for granted, the more people adopt it, and the cheaper it becomes.

Technology typically comes down in price as time goes on. The first computers were very expensive and not very advanced. As computers got better, prices went down. Today, you can buy a laptop that blows the doors off of laptops from the 1990s, and it has far better features and processing power than those early laptops. We owe all this to the way technology grows and advances as more and more people adopt it. It’s only a matter of time before more people adopt VR technology, and some of them, just as they use their computers to watch porn now, will use their VR technology to watch VR porn. And there is another point of technological development that is going to have to happen if VR porn is to continue to grow — and it will. It’s only a matter of time. Google Glass has already shown us what is possible for wearable technology to do and to be. If you could wear a smart phone interface all the time that was indistinguishable from your regular reading glasses, wouldn’t you? But of course right now, the best and most immersive VR headsets are considerably more heavy and bulky than a pair of reading glasses. Given the way smartphones have advanced in just a few years, it isn’t unlikely to think that the same thing will happen with VR equipment.

The other side of the coin, as we’ve already mentioned, isn’t the technology for viewing the VR porn. It’s the VR porn itself. As we’ve indicated, some formats and some outlets offer a limited library of porn, which ranges from low-quality material created on dual-lens recorders to very high-quality, high-resolution material that is very clear and very realistic. There are services to which you can buy access for use with your Oculus Rift or other VR headset, and those services can offer resolutions that range into the multiple thousands. There are even options for positional head-tracking, which is what occurs when you look around yourself. The better your positional head tracking options, the better your experience will be, because it will more closely match what you would expect to see if you were really there immersed in the action yourself. That is, after all, the whole point of VR porn, isn’t it? To experience the action as if you are part of it, to feel as if you’ve been transported to a realm of fantasy where everything is possible and your wildest sexual dreams can come true?

Consider, though, one downside to virtual reality sex as the technology exists right now. Porn the old fashioned way, so to speak, is porn that is just on your computer or your tablet (or your phone). You don’t even have to mess around with DVD players or your television if you don’t want to these days. Porn the old fashioned, two dimensional way is relatively simple. It’s comfortable and familiar and we’ve come to accept it as such. By contrast, VR porn can seem a little complicated at first. There’s the VR porn headset (well, it’s a VR headset on which you could watch anything, including porn) and a bunch of cords involved, as well as extra programs, not to mention the VR porn video itself (which you’ll need to download rather than stream based on the size, most likely). But, even though that sounds complicated, it really isn’t such a chore once you set up a headset, a computer running a major operating system like Windows, and whichever file you’re going to watch. As with anything, getting down with VR porn is really a question of what you get used to. Practice with the equipment and it will come as second nature. That’s good news, because if virtual reality porn was complicated every single time, it would rob the experience of its spontaneity. Most people don’t plan ahead to watch pornography; they view it when they get into the mood, which means there’s a certain amount of spontaneous urge. You don’t want to get that urge and then spend a long time getting everything setup and configured. Fortunately, with modern VR porn setups, you don’t have to worry about that.

The first time you use virtual reality porn, you may find there is a little bit of a learning curve as you get used to the equipment. But the good news is that with a little practice, using your virtual reality porn rig will become second nature to you. Nobody wants their porn to feel like a huge pain that involves a lot of preparation ahead of time, and fortunately, your porn doesn’t have to be a hassle even when you upgrade to VR porn. The more you use it, the more seamless the experience will become, and of course, that’s kind of the point. But even the first time, all that preparation will pay off, because the first time you experience incredible virtual porn in glorious, immersive three dimensions, the first time you wear that headset and feel like you’re really there, like the people you are with are really there for you, you won’t know what to do with yourself. Virtual reality porn is like no experience you have ever had before. It’s as different from two-dimensional porn as streaming video is from still pictures in a magazine. There was a time when your only outlet for porn was those magazines, or even dirty books that had no pictures and just told filthy stories. Today, you have access to a remarkable, crystal clear, three dimensional virtual world of fun and excitement.
The viewing experience of watching three dimensional VR porn is absolutely amazing. It’s also a little unsettling, the first time. Depending on the field of vision your particular setup and download affords, you’ll be able to look around as if you’re really there in the room, and that’s a novelty all its own. In fact, this is one of the reasons people take to VR porn so quickly. They enjoy the sensation of being able to immerse themselves completely in this new and exciting environment. The degree of three dimension depends on the specific platform, entertainment file, and settings, and of course everything on the VR porn market right now has been done as a point of view (POV) virtual sex video because that’s what the equipment affords (and that’s what makes the most sense).

The experience that you get from a virtual porn video is unparalleled in other forms of adult entertainment. You can have and pleasure any sex, gorgeous porn star you want, whether it’s a man or a woman. Whatever your fantasy, even among the fledgling libraries available to virtual reality porn services and outlets right now, you can find it, have it, and enjoy it. Have you always wondered how the fairer sex lives? Well, you could choose to watch a virtual porn movie in which the virtual sex takes place from the perspective of a woman instead of man, or a man instead of a woman. This will give you a little taste of what it might be like to be someone else. The higher the resolution of your VR headset, the easier it will be for you to forget that you’re just watching porn and truly put yourself in the action. Your brain will fill in the missing parts easily. In other words, your mind will gladly help complete the illusion that you are having actual sex even though what you are viewing is only virtual sex.

Now, there is something we need to talk about when it comes to virtual reality sex, and that is that you will need to adjust a little bit when it comes time to, uh, get in touch with yourself while you’re watching this beautiful, crystal clear, immersive virtual reality porn. You see, when you put on a VR headset, you are basically cutting off all external cues to your eyes and ears in favor of the new reality, the virtual reality, that is being pumped into your brain through the headset. So much of your sensory input is visual and auditory that even without touch, taste, and smell, you will be hard pressed not to believe that you are not actually there. But while your eyes and ears are occupied in this other reality, you won’t actually be able to see your own hands. You might find it a bit disorienting, therefore, if you then try to take care of business while experiencing the virtual porn. This, too, is something you’ll quickly get used to, so it’s nothing to worry about… and you’ll actually come to really enjoy it. It just takes some time to disengage from, or rather integrate, the new reality you are experiencing compared to the “real” reality outside your VR gear.

Another thing to consider is that if you’re the sort of person who really enjoys porn, and we all do, you may want to take a few added precautions to make sure your privacy is not interrupted when you are enjoying virtual porn. The headset and the sound component of the headset effectively cut off all perception of the outside world while you’re enjoying virtual porn. That means that you’re not going to hear someone approach if your privacy is less than perfect. We recommend when you prepare yourself to enjoy virtual porn, therefore, that you take the time to make sure your privacy won’t be disturbed. It’s worth the extra effort because VR porn is something that demands an investment of your time and attention. You don’t want to be so immersed in your VR porn experience that you don’t notice when someone comes into the room or tries to get your attention. In fact, the immersive nature of virtual reality entertainment has prompted a whole new generation of prank videos on video sharing services: footage of people so into what they are watching, so completely enthralled by the virtual reality experience, that they are frightened when someone touches them (someone whom they can’t see). It’s worth a laugh to look up some of these videos, but also see them as a kind of cautionary tale. If you want to really enjoy your virtual porn experience, make sure you’ll be able to do so uninterrupted by unexpected guests.

The world of virtual reality porn is expanding the offerings of erotic entertainment now on the market. It’s amazingly immersive, it turns you on like crazy, it offers a level of realism that has never before been possible, and it will help you escape into a world unlike any you have ever seen before (except, of course, for actually having sex). Yes, there are some physical drawbacks, like the VR headset making your head sweat, or the concern about someone interrupting you when you don’t see or hear them approach, but these are minor things, well worth the price of admission when it comes to the new level of entertainment and escapism that you’ll get out of it. This is, for the money and the technology, the absolute best available in erotic entertainment right now. And the best part is that we are at the leading edge of the virtual porn, with new technologies being developed and innovated, and new services coming online all the time.

It’s been a couple of years now since various providers started developing compatible point of view (POV) porn for the Oculus headsets. That opened the floodgates, so to speak, and now there are many more services producing virtual reality porn, meaning that the market has more great interactive adult entertainment in these new immersive formats. These have run the gamut from virtual sex toys that have turned out to be extremely popular (being able to interact physically with the virtual reality porn as well as visually and audibly) and services that integrate everything from streaming and adult entertainment with cam services and other three dimensional features. At least one of the streaming services to hit the market has a format similar to choosing from among the available prerecorded choices such as with interactive DVD porn. Integrating those same features into VR porn is the next step in making virtual sex truly a reality. Consumers, and adult performers, who are exposed to a full field of view in a virtual reality format simply can’t get enough of it. Some of the developing technologies are also seeking the input of potential customers and service subscribers in order to better tailor their virtual reality porn offerings to what the market will bear and what consumers truly desire. When you see your first virtual reality porn, you will think you can reach out and touch it. Real, bouncing bosoms, sweat so real you’d think you could touch it, muscle tone and curves that look like they could leap right off the VR headset screens and caress your face… you simply have not seen it until you have seen it, and then you’ll wonder how you could ever go back to traditional, two-dimensional entertainment.

Thanks to advances in bandwidth and streaming technology, VR porn streaming services are also becoming a reality. Some of these are even offering some trial material so you can get a taste for what VR porn is like. We warn you: Don’t try it unless you want to become addicted, and quickly, to this new and immersive format. There’s just no going back once you’ve had this incredible service, whether downloaded or streaming, regardless of the headset you try. There are high end headsets and there are less expensive headsets, but every one of them is well worth the price paid and will give you an adult entertainment experience that is the closest thing to virtual sex you’ve yet felt, seen or tried to touch. VR porn is the wave of the future. It’s the reason virtual reality technology is moving forward, and don’t let anybody tell you differently.

Virtual Reality Porn Continues to Drive Technological Development

Back in 2014, when the first virtual reality services appeared, there was only a 120 degree viewing window. The frame rate for virtual porn in its infancy was just 25 fps, and the videos were themselves very short. They were not much to look at compared to what is available to us today, but it was on the foundation of these early virtual porn videos that the thriving and growing virtual reality porn industry of today was built. It took about a year, maybe a little less, for things to improve to first a 180 degree field of view and then a full 360 field of view. Frame rates more than doubled and quality is still getting better. At last count, there were more than a dozen virtual reality porn studios working to bring hundreds of scenes to the market. Those videos are getting more and more complex, offering more and more interactivity, and getting more interesting in terms of plot and setting. The VR porn market is actually mirroring the development of the entertainment industry overall in terms of how it is evolving and developing. The goal is to make virtual reality porn that is as fully immersive and engaging as it is possible to make the medium. The success of this development is in turn driving the VR porn market. That’s a very good thing, and it’s what we’ve been hoping to see since the first inkling of the concept of virtual reality porn started to move into the adult entertainment industry’s collective consciousness.

As the adult entertainment industry continues to produce new and better VR porn and VR content to go with increasingly innovative and advanced technology, we’ll see frame rates per second continue to accelerate. Virtual reality porn is the future of adult entertainment, and the big studios know it. They’re investing a lot of money into making virtual reality porn not just a reality, but a profitable one. To do that, they’ve got to produce virtual reality porn that people actually want. And the tastes of adult entertainment consumers are continually evolving. No sooner does new technology come along than customers start to take it for granted. To keep them satisfied, and to keep them coming back for more, the industry must respond with new and better content, new and better virtual porn, and new and better ideas for advancing the cause of virtual sex.

Society Has Been Waiting For This For Years

There’s a running gag in a science fiction program from the 1990s. Back then, the idea of virtual sex was still just an idea, something suitable for the realm of science fiction. But characters in the television show were able to make use of a holographic entertainment system that was so completely immersive, it was impossible to tell the difference between the entertainment world and the real world. While that holographic entertainment system was very much fictional, it had the power to create temporary physical objects and to create the illusion of movement. In other words, you could run inside it, interact with different people, feel objects, and even fall in love. The television show danced around the notion of whether characters were able to have sex inside that holographic world, but several hints were made regarding it. Subsequent sequels to the television franchise made it clear that, yes, the technology was used for virtual brothels. This type of virtual reality porn was as advanced as any virtual sex could be. It was utterly indistinguishable from the real thing and, better yet, could be tailored to whatever storyline and parameters the user desired.

We’re not too far away from that vision of adult entertainment becoming reality. No, it isn’t likely we’ll be able to create physical objects in this type of impermanent environment… but everything else is within our grasp. Virtual reality headsets are becoming more and more accurate. The experience they deliver is becoming sharper, clearer, with a 360 degree field of view. And accessories are being introduced that take the virtual sex experience to the next level, giving you a physical interface to touch and feel so that your body is actually experiencing, physiologically, what you would experience during sexual intercourse. Now, the technology for advanced virtual sex of that type isn’t exactly what you might call “dignified” right now, involving complicated appliances and funny looking body suits, but that’s going to change. As with all things, the technology is constantly getting better, growing cheaper, being adopted by more and more households, and will eventually be taken for granted, just as every other innovation in adult entertainment has been seen over the years.

Can you imagine the glorious world of virtual sex that awaits you? We’ll look back on these first tentative steps toward virtual porn the way people look at downloading still images over fourteen hundred-something baud modems today. We’ll look at the way we struggled to bring realistic virtual sex to the market, and we’ll be grateful that we have something so sophisticated. Right now, we possess incredible technology that is capable of bringing us a great deal of pleasure. That’s only going to increase and improve as technology grows better, costs come down, and more and more of your fellow citizens take for granted the presence of a virtual reality rig in their homes. Of course, the most exciting area for development of adult entertainment is not just the content that is becoming available through virtual porn services, and the ways that content is improving and growing. It’s also the technological innovations that will make VR porn headsets and accessories cheaper, smaller, lighter, and less obtrusive. The goal is what it has always been: Producing a virtual reality porn experience, and virtual sex, that is as immersive as possible, feels as real as possible, and is as satisfying as it can be made to be.

Are you ready to take the first step toward virtual reality porn? Is virtual porn right for you? We don’t know anyone who has tried VR porn and thought, this just isn’t for me. Most people are so blown away by their first virtual sex experience that they can’t wait to try it again… and to adjust the scenario to fit their specific desires and needs. Virtual reality sex is your passport to a world that is better than reality, because it’s a reality tailored to what you want and need. No longer are you at the mercy of what mundane reality can begrudgingly provide. Now, you can have all the virtual sex you want in a world that is chosen specifically by you to satisfy you and gratify you. This has been the dream of many of us through the years. From the early days of porn and adult entertainment, to the incredible selection of streaming video available to us now, to a world full of sex toys and sex accessories that facilitate both real and virtual sex. The industry is moving forward, and it is bringing you virtual porn with it. Are you ready? Have you been waiting impatiently? Well the time to get your first VR porn equipment is now. Don’t wait. Get your virtual reality porn now… and get up to date information on VR porn here.