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The Evolution of Porn Leads to Virtual Reality Porn and Virtual Sex

A beautiful thing has happened in the erotic entertainment industry, too, and that is that the industry has learned well from partnering with the very people who are its customers. We can see this in the progression of porn from its earliest days to its current reality. It starts with the progression and development of porn. Long before there was virtual reality porn, of course, there was porn. Some of the earliest porn came in the form of “French postcards.” Then, in the earliest days of porn movies, where were “stag films,” often just black and white, silent films involving people being nude or actually having sex. For a good long while, people pretty much had to be satisfied with this type of thing. Then something interesting happened. There was an explosion in the adult movie industry in the sixties and seventies, spurred onward by the sexual revolution and a new, carefree attitude toward sex and love that people seemed to have during that era. The result was not only the proliferation of porn movies, but also an explosion in the number of porn stars and the presence of adult movie houses across the country. Suddenly, more and more people were aware of porn movies who had never been aware of them before, and the first adult movie stars were just that — movie stars, whose names were well known to the public at large (even the ones who wouldn’t admit that they recognized those names).

One of the downsides to the adult movie house experience, though, was just that: the adult movie house. It wasn’t convenient to get your porn by driving to a seedy theater somewhere at night (and at night only), where you would be surrounded by an unsavory element that often included local perverts and other grubby characters. That’s the image you probably have of adult movie houses, and it is an accurate one. The phenomenon of adult peep shows, video booths, and “arcade” type setups where people could pay to watch dirty movies or film loops followed shortly after or in parallel. The adult industry was not reputable then, and very few people would actually admit to looking at porn. Of course, that was just where video and movies were concerned. There was another, thriving industry for adult entertainment and erotica, and that came in the form of “dirty magazines.” These were once all the rage (as print publications were once immensely popular). Today, printed magazines are falling out of favor. More and more printed magazines are closing every day, and even those magazines that continue operation are dropping their print format because of dropping circulation and escalating printing costs. Back in the day, though, magazines like Playboy, Penthouse, and others were all the rage. They set the tone and the pace for the adult movie industry. That industry made figures like Hugh Hefner a fortune, and made an indelible mark on the popular culture of our nation.

Dirty magazines, though, enjoyed no more legitimacy than adult movie houses back then. Yes, you could go to any newsstand and pick up a copy of “Hustler” or “Club” or other “disreputable” magazines, or you could go with the more socially acceptable “Playboy” (“I read it for the articles!”), but you still weren’t considered as engaging in a legitimate form of adult entertainment. When you look at it from that perspective, adult entertainment and erotica have come an awfully long way. Today, most adults will admit that they watch porn, and access to porn is so commonplace that researchers can’t find a control group of men who DON’T watch porn in order to do statistical studies of those who do. This is just a reality of our society, which, for good or for ill, is saturated with plentiful adult entertainment that is of high quality and caters to every taste. In the early days of “dirty magazines,” though, you pretty much had to be satisfied with static pictures. Imagine if the only porn you could watch didn’t involve video at all. Imagine it was just pictures in a magazine. Those of us old enough to remember the days before porn on VHS videotape aren’t eager to go back to those days, when your imagination had to do a lot more of the work. Your tastes in porn were limited to the magazines and specialty publications of the time, too. There’s no way the adult entertainment offerings back then included the type of variety we all take for granted today. That meant if your tastes were a little unconventional, you were basically out of luck. You had to make do with what you could get.

As porn advanced, though, another explosion occurred within the adult entertainment industry. Virtual reality porn was still a long way off, and virtual sex was just a fantasy, but even though you could not get VR porn, you could finally watch adult movies in the comfort and safety of your own home when the first VCRs hit the market. Back in the day when the video rental store was commonplace, and many of them were local affairs as opposed to national chains like Blockbuster Video, it was not at all uncommon for video stores to have “the little room” where the adult movies were kept. Access to that section of the store was restricted to adults, and many an adult videotape was furtively purchased from that little alcove. It wasn’t long before independent, locally owned video store managers started to realize that adult movies were where their real profits were found. Whereas a major movie release would rent for a few weeks after it came out, then largely stop renting except for the occasional customer, adult videotapes would rent again and again and again, their interest never really waning among the renting public. This translated into more sales, which translated into video stores covering their bottom line and staying in the black. If you didn’t have the strength of a major chain behind you and you wanted to stay afloat as an independent video store back then, you pretty much had to rent adult movies.

There are a lot of drawbacks to porn on videotape, of course. It’s very far removed from the modern realities of VR porn. For one thing, it isn’t convenient when it comes to navigating the video itself. Then there’s the fact that you have to rewind it. Then, too, there’s the unfortunate proposition of the tape wearing out from repeated use. When DVDs came along, a lot changed. You didn’t have to live in fear of magnets anymore, because magnets won’t hurt DVDs. You can skip to any track you want on the DVD, and rewinding or fast forwarding is super easy, with no additional wear and tear on the storage medium. And of course if you scratch a DVD, it can be resurfaced, whereas if you damage a VHS video tape, it’s pretty much going to be ruined forever. Those of us who remember renting VHS videos with constant tracking lines through them remember this phenomenon well. Tapes are just too fragile, whereas DVDs offered a new feature that quickly became popular (and then diminished somewhat) for adult entertainment, and that is interactivity.

The passive watching of porn stops being interesting after the viewer reaches a certain point. There is a level of stimulation that simply looking at pictures or videos can’t surmount. This is what gave rise, back in the day, to new forms of porn entertainment. These all had an element of interactivity that made them seem more real to the viewer. They included webcam chats with real people, phone sex lines (which didn’t have the visual element, but nonetheless had the interactivity) and interactive DVD porn. The last category allowed people to simulate the experience of having sex with the models on the DVD by choosing some of their positions, their angles, and their actions. Different DVDs offered different levels of interactivity and choices, and you were of course limited to the responses that had been recorded and were thus waiting for you on the DVDs finite tracks, but the interactive DVD porn experience represented a leap toward the eventual establishment of VR porn. As the Internet grew and streaming porn took over from DVDs, the interactivity dropped off for a bit, but now it’s coming back in the form of VR porn. Not all VR porn is as interactive as other offerings, and quality, length, and details vary depending on the outlet, the technology used, and other factors, but we’re seeing the first steps towards truly virtual sex.

When the porn industry first started listening to what its consumers wanted, something wonderful happened, and that was that the industry started producing what those customers were more than happy to by. In an industry dominated by individual whims and sometimes irrational preferences, there is no better market research than simply asking the market to tell you what it wants. More and more adult entertainment consumers are saying that what they want is virtual sex. In other words, they want simulated intercourse that is so real that it can serve as a substitute for actual sex. This isn’t as unrealistic a goal as it sounds. Let’s take a look at what it’s like to need sex in a world that isn’t providing you any. This is due in part to the sexual revolution and relaxed attitudes toward sex.

You see, there was a time when people paired off and were encouraged to engage in monogamy. During that earlier time, it was more likely that a given man would find a woman to have sex with him. When each man takes one and only one woman, and does so in the context of a monogamous marriage, there are more women to go around for everyone. But now, our society has a much freer attitude toward sex and physical love. Now, it isn’t common for one man to have many sexual partners, and that means the most desirable men — the most attractive, the most wealthy, the ones with the most options — get the majority of the female partners. The rest of all men are left with what’s left over. The result is a world in which it’s harder and harder for the average guy to find a girlfriend and to have regular sex. And those men are learning that traditional dating and relationships simply aren’t for them anyway. So what happens? Those men are looking to opt out. They make do with porn to answer their sexual needs, but the fact is, every man desires the company of women, and it’s harder for some compared to others when it comes down to going without sex or trying to find substitutes to sex. Virtual porn represents one way to get around that obstacle. The virtual sex promised by the technologies we are now developing could free men everywhere from having to worry about whether they can find a woman who approves of them. Instead, they can have sex when they want, however they want, as much as they want, without needing a woman’s cooperation or approval.

The desire for virtual sex, for simulated sex, is what has driven the development of lifelike, realistic sex dolls. These are dolls that are the same size and weight as a petite woman. They are fully featured and include a vagina, anus, and mouth (depending on the model) that allows the user to simulate sexual intercourse with some appropriate lubrication. This is fine, and many of the high-quality sex dolls on the market are so sexy and real looking that they could pass for real people (except that they don’t talk or move). The problem is that these dolls… don’t talk or move. They represent, in some ways, a return to the static days of porn, when men looked at pictures in magazines. The fact that they are three dimensional and physical is their saving grace, as they make it possible for a man to engage in a physical simulation of sex even though there’s no interactivity and no “life” to the device he is using to simulate sexual intercourse.

This is where things get truly interesting. Right now, there is an intersection developing between the makers of realistic sex toys and sex dolls, and the manufacturers of VR porn. Specifically, it is becoming possible to enjoy porn while also enjoying a physical interface that sometimes even offers interactivity of its own. Can you imagine what it might be like to have a sex doll that is compatible with your VR porn headset? You could be placed in an immersive world where you are seeing and hearing a woman that you are having sex with… and while that’s happening, you’re also getting the tactile feedback of actual intercourse with the doll, which becomes a kind of prosthesis or stand-in for sex. That’s where the virtual reality porn industry is headed, and it may be even more interactive than that. Right now, there are prototype sex suits that are designed to simulate all of the tactile feedback of actually having sex, from giving you “breasts” to fondle to a “vagina” to put yourself inside of. The whole affair is a little silly looking, and there’s probably a lot of work to do on the technology, but it’s very exciting to know that this is out there and that people are working on it. We are seeing immensely exciting things in the world of virtual reality porn. It’s a great time to be alive, especially if you are holding on to the dream that one day, your desire to have sex can be instantly answered through technology, with no need to involve another human being.

Then, too, there is the fact that because the adult entertainment industry is listening to its audience, it’s going to develop even better products and services. Whenever an industry listens to the people who actually pay for its products and services, good things happen. Whether it’s technological innovation, or coming up with new types of movies, or developing new formats and protocols for those movies, the adult entertainment industry is investing heavily in virtual reality technology in anticipation of the day when nearly every home has a virtual reality headset. Virtual reality porn is set to become as commonplace as televisions and tablets are today. And the neat thing about technology is that as it develops, new trends are driven by consumer demand that is not always predictable .Who would have thought that as the cost of desktop computers came down, people would stop preferring them, wanting instead to have portable devices like tablets that arguably do less than desktop computers do… but which do the things people do want on a daily basis in a more convenient format? Those types of industry whims, those subjective desires on the part of consumers, are what the industry cannot predict unless it takes the time to poll and listen to its audience. And as long as the industry continues to be as responsive as it has shown it can be, great things will continue to happen on the frontiers of virtual reality porn.
Escape into an Incredible Virtual Porn World

What is it that virtual reality porn offers you that regular porn, two-dimensional adult entertainment, cannot provide you? In a word, it is escape. Yes, many people escape their lives for a few moments by watching porn and masturbating. But passively watching porn on your computer or tablet, using an Internet streaming service (the most common way to watch porn today) won’t be much of an escape for long. We take it for granted too much. It’s the way we’ve become accustomed to watching porn. It’s convenient, it’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s accessible. It can be done quickly and with a minimum of setup. There’s something about streaming porn that is like an old friend to many of us. But it isn’t the escape it once might have been. The novelty has worn off. It isn’t special anymore. For some of us, it’s just what is necessary. You watch porn, you clean out the old pipes, and you go on with your day. Nothing transcendent has happened to you and nothing out of the ordinary has occurred. You might say that the average guy who watches porn on his computer or tablet likes adult entertainment, but isn’t really all that impressed by it. It simply doesn’t offer him anything he hasn’t seen before.

Virtual reality porn represents that next level of experience, that innovation that will finally get you excited about adult entertainment again. If you have only ever experienced adult entertainment in two dimensions, seeing virtual reality porn in its truly immersive form will change your life. Just being able to look around and see the porn and its performers from different angles will blow your mind. You will quickly become obsessed with experiencing more of this virtual world, because let’s face it: It’s better in there. Where would you rather be: In a bedroom with a beautiful porn star who seems to be talking directly to you, who is rubbing her body against you and jiggling her breasts in your face… or out here in the cold, dark reality of the real world? There are those who say if we ever perfect the technology of truly realistic virtual sex, sexual intercourse that does not require a man and a woman (only a single customer and a technological interface), society will grind to a halt because there won’t be anyone left who is willing to leave the house for any reason. There’s a certain compelling logic to that, and an appeal to being able to have whatever sex you like on your terms (rather than trying to find a significant other and hold on to them).

Just as porn, sex dolls, masturbation appliances, and other forms of adult entertainment generally represent a way to escape the man-woman paradigm and make solo sex something that is as fulfilling as sexual intercourse, virtual reality porn is poised to give that gift of freedom to the public. It’s already taking its first steps toward that goal. Relationships can be difficult, and a man who is not getting the sex he wants has only a few choices. He can debase himself and lower his standards, he can pay a professional to answer his sexual needs, or he can basically deal with not getting sex or physical love and he can live a sad and lonely existence. Studies have shown that people have the urge not just to have sex or achieve orgasm, but to do so with another person (or in a way that they can’t tell the difference). This is the gift that virtual reality porn could give the world: Freedom from the tyranny of relationships, or the fear of being alone.

Virtual Reality Porn Is Coming, Is Here, And Is Improving

Some companies within the VR porn industry have a jump on the others, and they continue to expand and improve the virtual reality porn offerings that they make available. The success of the VR porn market hinges on their continued innovation. Porn must always get better, be more interesting, look better, and become either cheaper or more involved. In other words, the experience must constantly upgrade for people to continue to be interested in it. The leap from “normal” porn to virtual reality porn is one such movement toward the future. Other elements within the adult industry are desperately trying to catch up as they realize just how important virtual reality porn is going to be to the future of the adult entertainment industry. It’s fascinating to see these companies react to that need, and work to meet what their customers truly want. (If only other industries were as responsible to customer preferences.)

So what’s coming in the future? For one thing, video quality will always get better. Right now, there are growing pains associated with the move to a streaming model and the fact that more and more people are getting and using mobile devices. Mobile and wireless networks are already overburdened, prompting telecom companies to invest significant amounts of their profits in expanding those networks to keep customers happy. (They’ve also experimented with throttling and capping bandwidth, but consumers will only accept so much of that, and blowback has pretty much meant that you can get a reasonable amount of bandwidth and expect it to go up in the future. As networks become more robust, even larger file sizes will be acceptable. This will mean the quality of the individual videos you watch will go up. Longer and longer videos will be possible, and more and more videos in full 360 degrees will become available. Some services are more limited than others, and some virtual reality porn content offers only a limited field of view (especially as was the case with early virtual reality porn). As is always the case, the passage of time brings improvements to what is available and in and of itself, and to the selection overall.

Selection is the name of the game in keeping customers happy with porn and with virtual reality porn. Libraries must expand to accommodate customer requirements. A rather terrifying thing happened in the adult industry recently. A new law passed in California, where the majority of porn is made, could have required all porn performers to wear goggles when shooting on set. Already, mandated condom use drives some adult entertainment manufacturers to shoot elsewhere. This would have crippled the industry or driven it somewhere else, as most people don’t want to see goggles in their porn. But the reaction of consumers online was very interesting. The most commonplace complaint was that the consumers of adult entertainment did not want to have to think that they would have to rely on a library of porn that was already filmed, with nothing new coming along that they would find acceptable. This points to how an adult entertainment library for virtual reality porn, just as with what we can now consider old-fashioned porn, must always be growing. It can never stop and it can never get smaller. That’s because customers always want something they haven’t seen before. Even customers who have a preference for a specific genre (and porn genres can be amazingly specific) will want to see different people doing the same types of things, rather than watch the same video over and over again. The name of the game in porn is variety, and virtual reality porn will be (and is) no different. The first early offerings from virtual reality porn houses are now getting longer, with better frame rates and higher resolution. This is a very thrilling time to be a fan of virtual reality porn.
Total Immersion is the Goal

What, then, is the goal of virtual reality porn? Is it the interactivity? Is it the novelty of being able to look around? Is it the variety of having a new way to experience the same old, same old of pretty people having sex for your pleasure? We think the answer is a combination of all of these things, but primarily, it’s the unique immersion possible with VR porn. Think back to your first experiences with immersion in entertainment. They probably had to do with turning off all the lights while watching a scary movie. And of course, why do we dim the lights in movie theaters? What is the purpose of “surround sound,” where audio effects make it sound like there are people at different points and in different locations around the theater? It’s all about immersion, about making you believe that you are truly there in the entertainment experience.

Science fiction writers have long pictured virtual reality technology as entire walls that become viewing screens, or perhaps holographic entertainment, or other forms of picture and sound that take the picture and sound out of a square box we call a television or a computer, and put the person involved on a more intimate footing with it. The goal of virtual reality porn is to make an experience so real, so immersive, that the viewer’s brain can actually be fooled into thinking he or she is there. This makes the sexual experience of virtual reality porn, and the virtual sex that can be had when using certain masturbation accessories and interfaces, much more intense. Intensity is one of those things that the consumers of porn require. They need variety. They need constant upgrades. The same old porn won’t do, day after day. There has to be a new quality to it, and it has to be more vivid, and it has to be more real, always more real. The quest for reality is the desire on the part of the adult entertainment consumer to experience sexual intercourse and sexual activity as closely as possible to the real thing. Hence, the “virtual” of virtual reality porn. Getting in touch with your desires is part of this process.

Have you tried virtual reality porn yet? If you haven’t, you should. VR porn will change the way you think about adult entertainment. Chances are you, like most men, have used porn. You’ve watched it, you’ve enjoyed it, you’ve found gratification in it. Almost all Western men in industrialized nations have had the opportunity to look at porn on the Internet. And the fact is that we have raised generations of kids now who have never known a world without an Internet in it. Whereas your dad, or his dad, had to go out and look at dirty magazines from drug stores, today’s newer generations have always lived in a world where porn was available and plentiful on the Internet. Much of it is free, subject only to advertising. A lot more is paid content, the idea being that if you like something well enough, you’ll be willing to pay for it in order to get more of the superior quality that you crave. This is the rationale behind specialty sites and sites devoted to a single famous personality. This type of selling, in a market saturated by competition, hinges on how much you like what the content provider is selling.

Immersive virtual reality porn is no different. You want porn that makes you feel something you have not felt before. You want to be excited. You want to be turned on. You want to be gratified. You want to get off. This is the universal desire of all people who use adult entertainment and who are the target audience for virtual reality porn. VR porn is not for everyone, especially because the technology now available may not be to everyone’s liking. But it is for a tremendous percentage of people out there who want to take their porn viewing to the next level, who have grown bored or simply complacent with “old fashioned” non-immersive porn and who want some virtual reality porn so they can get truly excited about porn again. Do you remember, when you were younger, the first time you viewed pornography and saw what was possible? Do you remember how excited you were, and how you couldn’t wait to recapture that excitement again? Well, you may have become jaded in the intervening years, and porn on the Internet may not be anything remarkable to you now… but virtual reality porn will help you rekindle that old excitement. When you experience VR porn for the first time, it will be so different compared to all the other adult entertainment you have watched that you will wonder how you ever got by without it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. VR porn will spoil you for all other porn. Once you’ve felt like you were there, once you’ve experienced what it is like to be in that room with those porn stars, you won’t be able to even entertain the idea of not going back. You’ll want it. You’ll need it. And you’ll find yourself more and more willing to shell out money for increasingly sophisticated virtual reality porn equipment.

The time to get in on the VR porn bandwagon is now. The market is still young. The technology is still new. The better you get to know VR porn technology now, the better off you will be in a future where VR porn technology is something we take for granted. Virtual reality porn may have once been a novelty. It is now a practical reality. VR porn is here to stay, and it’s going to continue growing and developing. That’s why you need a site like VRSexDirectory.com, which will guide you through the sometimes murky waters of what the industry is offering. VRSexDirectory.com is your one stop guide to all the best VR porn out there. When the possibility of virtual sex becomes a reality, and when virtual porn becomes the norm rather than the exception, we will be there for you just as we are now. Don’t delay, and don’t put off the inevitable. VR porn is definitely inevitable. When you want to know all about it, you owe it to yourself to come to us.