Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this site work?
A: is a full-service directory of all relevant virtual reality porn sites, virtual reality porn services, virtual reality porn technology, and other services and products related to the adult entertainment industry. We comb the Internet to bring you the best in VR porn information, services, products, and accessories. Our goal is to spread the word about the incredible world of VR porn while also making sure you get the most out of any VR porn experience on which you embark. We think the world of virtual reality porn, and the virtual sex that it promises, stands to be and do great things for the adult entertainment industry. We think it’s only a matter of time before VR porn becomes virtual sex becomes sex that, while simulated, is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. We’d like to serve as your guides as we all walk into this glorious future world of adult entertainment and VR porn together.

Q: What is virtual reality?
A: Virtual reality is the practice of creating a visual and auditory experience that closely simulates what you would see if you were actually there experiencing it. People who experience virtual reality feel immersed in a world that is completely separate from the real world. They do this by closing off their senses of sight and sound to the outside world, wearing a virtual reality headset that feeds new pictures and audio to their brains. The human mind is a remarkable machine. When it is provided with so much sensory input, it gladly fills in the gaps as far as what it is not getting (taste, touch, smell) so that soon, you are fooling yourself into thinking that the world around you is actually there, and you are participating in the virtual reality events you are seeing.

Q:How does virtual reality porn work?
A: Virtual reality porn makes use of the same virtual reality headset that is used for other types of immersive entertainment. The key to virtual porn is that the video is filmed from the first person. The viewer then wears the headset and sees the action from the perspective of the person filming the action. In other words, it looks like you are the one doing whatever is happening in the video. Adult movie studios are even now expanding their offerings, and virtual porn services are opening every day that offer a variety of immersive virtual sex experiences. The idea is to create an environment in which you actually believe you are there experiencing the action. The pictures you see delivered through the headset are extremely realistic. The illusion of three dimensions, and interactivity, are also aspects of virtual sex and virtual reality porn.

Q: Is it true that I can actually have sex in conjunction with VR porn?
A: Right now, there are some companies producing sex devices that are intended for use with virtual reality sex. One company makes a tablet mount for their masturbation sleeves that essentially mounts a vagina or anus to your tablet device of choice. This allows you to watch point of view (POV) porn while actually thrusting into the device attached to the tablet, which in some ways simulates aspects of sexual intercourse. There are more advanced interactive devices too that allow some degree of control over the connection. For example, it’s possible to buy vibrators that can be controlled by one partner as another partner experiences the sensations produced by the device. On the horizon, virtual reality porn studios are working in cooperation with technology companies to produce full-body suits and other devices that allow the use to experience physical feedback that is akin to actually having sexual intercourse. That type of technology is still in its infancy, but before you know it, it too will be commonplace. So yes, to a point it is possible to experience some types of sex while using virtual reality porn and related technology. The best developments in the field are still yet to come.

Q: Why do I need a special app to watch certain types of VR porn?
A: In some cases, it is possible to use your smartphone as the technological base for a virtual reality headset. One such setup is Google Cardboard, but there are other ways to build your own headset. The idea is to create a platform to suspend your smartphone in front of your eyes at a fixed point. But just putting your phone there and watching porn on it wouldn’t be a virtual reality porn experience. It might actually be fairly painful. To do it right, you need an app that is designed to deliver specially crafted virtual reality porn POV video to your device to feed it to both eyes. This is how simulated three dimensional entertainment is meant to work, too, at least in this platform. So, yes, you may need special apps to watch virtual reality porn depending on the platform you use, but this is nothing to be worried about, and not overly expensive. In fact, these types of headsets represent a lower cost option.

Q: I keep hearing about a virtual reality headset that I can make myself out of something like cardboard. How does that work, and what kind of ripoff is that?
A: It’s not actually a ripoff at all. Right now you can buy an expensive headset such as the Oculus Rift, which will run you some money but is also very nice. But you can choose a lower cost option and go with something like Google Cardboard, which uses your smartphone as the base and a cardboard headset as the frame. While not as nice as a purpose-built headset, these setups are lighter and cost much less, and have the benefit of using a piece of technology that you already own. This can be a great way to “dip your toe in the water” of virtual sex and virtual reality porn without making a huge financial commitment to start out.